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Be Part of The First Group Practices Alliance Now!

About The Alliance


To be the leading innovative  health alliance in Saudi Arabia & GCC.



Becoming the first health care alliance of diversified multi specialties group practices.


Core Values:

Operational Excellence.

Tactical Awareness.

Trustworthy and transparent in our business relationships Enhancing the Saudi Society in line with vision 2030.

Concept & Objective

Health care sector faces many challenges in different aspects of the field such as efficiency, utilization, operations excellence and processes , Insurance and bundle payments.
Our main objective is to create a health care alliance for the Group Practices in order to enhance the efficiency and operational excellence by providing innovative solutions and services for the alliance members.


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Benefits & Services 

  1. ●  Creating & Managing Strategies & tactics to overcome Market Challenges and increase efficiency 

  2. ●  Identify new market opportunities and capitalize on them and accessibility to operating a new location to expand the practice.

  3. ●  Accessibility to 3rd party hospital and day-care surgery canters contracts.

  4. ●  Higher leverage in negotiation with vendors and insurance companies.

  5. ●  Combine / Develop marketing plans and CSR/PR programs.

  6. ●  Improve Caraway, Work Process Excellence, patient flow & location standards.

  7. ● Creating bundle payment programs for higher reach to B2B.

  8. ● Shared Services & Procurement Solutions.

  9. ● Accessibility to International Affiliation if needed.

  10. ● Merge and acquisitions.

  11. ● Accessibility Funds and IPO.



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Benefits & Services 

  1. ●  Getting referrals between sub-speciality and same speciality in different cities.

  2. ● Better patient experience solutions, and improve the experience of multi- specialty visits patients.

The Way Forward

  1. ● Signing of the alliance membership agreement.

  2. ● Conducting face-to-face workshop with each member to understand each member’s needs.

  3. ● Selection of the operation model & Providing an improvement action plan.

  4. ● Continuous assessment.


key features

3 Cities (Jeddah, Mekkah, Madinah)

21 Group Targeted Practices

1 Million+ Targeted Visitors and Patients

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